Did Dave Draper Take Steroids Or Is He Natural?

Dave Draper is a legend from the Golden Era, IFBB champion, and AKA Blond Bomber.

He got the nickname when he was in California and Santa Monica.

Dave Draper Bodybuilder
Dave Draper American Bodybuilder


He has other titles Mr. New Jersey, Mr. Universe, And Mr. America.

Dave always had a passion for fitness since childhood and started his journey when he was only 10 years old.

He has started his training by performing Dipping And Pushups.

Dave Draper kept the small sets of weight under the bed and their size gradually increased with age.

At the age of 15, he had grown his size to maximum and became famous in wrestling, swimming, and gymnastics.

He had never selected the career of bodybuilding in the very first.

He also appeared in the films Lord Love A Duck And Don’t Make Waves.

D.D has appeared on the cover of many magazines such as Muscle builder and Mr. America with Larry Scott due to having the aesthetic and muscular physique.

He has worked with Wilder Barbell company.

Dave Draper Statistics:

  • Height of the body: 6’(183cm)
  • Weight of the body: 215-225lbs (93.0-102.1 kg)
  • Arms: 21’’

His weight is higher than a normal range that indicates the steroids.

He Claimed As Natural:

There is a lot of information are available on the social media related to Dave training and diet.

There is no any specific information is mentioned related to anabolic steroids.

He has never claimed the steroid practice and talked about.

So, what do you think?

Does Dave really do the steroid practice in his career or is he natural?

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We have collected some evidence that can help us to understand the situation.

All of the evidence is based on assumption and evidence.

It seems like an impossible that he is free from drug and very clean bodybuilder due to several reasons such as:

Train With Arnold:

Dave was a popular bodybuilder in the 1960’s.

Dave draper workout with Arnold

At that time everyone was excited to try the anabolic steroids and they can easily use after getting a prescription from a doctor.

Dave has trained with Arnold and he has admitted steroid use.

Most of the bodybuilders said that the Arnold and Billy Graham (wrestlers) are the first who try the HGH.

He also trained with Joe during the break time.

Calum Von Moger has also done training under the supervision of Arnold and amazing is that Calum (Arnold 2) also done the steroid practice.

The old-time drugs were Deca, Dbol, Anadrol, and Primo.

These drugs are famous in the modern world and widely used by the bodybuilders and celebrities to develop an aesthetic physique.

Arnold also hides the discussion about steroids during his career.

Back to the time, many guys are using HGH Pills and they did not get any drastic side effects maybe they are using appropriate amounts.

There are many techniques and methods by which you can hide the steroid use and appear as natural.

For example, selecting the drugs that have a short half-life and can easily pass out from the system prior to any competition.


He maintained his self very well in his 70’s and It is hard for the people in aging due to the low level of hormones in the body.

Dave Draper ageTestosterone is the main hormone of the male and responsible for crucial or vital processes in the body.

If we talk about the bodybuilding, so this hormone maintains the gaining, and maximize the gains.

But, now he is suffering from health issues.

According to many sources, Dave had AIDS and he has used a lot of PCP and a huge amount of alcohol.

He did not appear in the Pumping Iron because his jaw was paralyzed due to the PCP.

He had diagnosed “Prostate Cancer in 2010” and received 40 sessions of treatment for months in a local hospital.

Physical Sign:

The individuals who use the steroids are experiencing many signs in their body.

Dave Draper also appeared with all signs of steroid use such as Gyno, belly with muscle, and more prominently acne on the back.

Acne breakout is one of the steroid signs.

Dave Draper Workout

The Dave training is not specific because he enjoyed mixing of workouts.

Dave Draper's Workout Wisdom

He preferred the training that targets every part of the body.

Well, If we look at his nutrition plan, so he has 7 meals in his plan.

The first meal has started at 7 am and ended at 9:30 pm.

Protein shakes, banana, creatine, vegetables, hamburger, cottage cheese, fruits, green salads, and tuna are included in the list.


Dave also has supplements on the list such as multivitamins, whey protein, antioxidants, creatine, glutamine, and BCAA.

Dave Draper Steroids

The possible steroids that he could have taken are Dianabol, Anadrol, And Testosterone.

The Dianabol is very old and powerful anabolic steroid that is used by many celebrities and bodybuilders for building up aesthetic physique and to gain the strength.


We don’t know the actual situation, but according to overall evidence, he could have taken the steroids.

The use of steroids in that era is not considered as an illegal or bad drug.

Everyone was able to try after getting a prescription from a doctor.

According to him: we should not waste our time and keep working hard to achieve the dreams.

We should learn one thing from Dave Draper that you should take advantage most of your situation similar to Dave story with Joe Wieder.